Tips for Best Price Silk Screen Printing

1. What is the product and its color?

Printing t-shirts is cheaper than polo shirts or jackets because they are easier to handle and it is faster to print. Also, printing on white is cheaper than printing on black or dark color products because it is faster to print on white products due to the fact that bright white background color makes it unnecessary to print multiple layers.

2. Who’s providing?

When you provide your own t-shirts it is cheaper than when we provide them. Because we don’t make t-shirts we have to purchase t-shirts from our suppliers with added costs of delivery/transportation charges and tax.

3. How many colors in the design?

More colors in the design means longer time to print and thus higher price. Unless it is absolutely necessary to print in multiple colors, try to print in one color and save.

4. How many print locations?

More locations to print means repetition of all the printing process as many times as the number of locations which drives price higher. If possible, try to print on  one location only and save.

5. How many?

Silk screen printing involves many fixed costs. So, if you order too small quantity the price will go up to cover the costs. However, if you order in larger quantity the price will get lower and lower. We recommend at least 30 pcs for screen printing.

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