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2019.09.28 07:07

Epson Printer WF-7110

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Epson WF7110 is great to print out screen printing films. It handles upto 13″x19″ paper size and uses only 4 colors/cartridges (cyan, magenta, yellow, black). And the inks are pigment based. Higher priced printer models may be slightly better in print quality and speed but they uses 6 or 8 or more colors which definitely become issues of high maintenance cost and printhead blockage problems in less used colors. But!!! This WF7110 does have a big drawback from its predecessor wf 1100. That is if you choose custom size paper AND photo quality paper the print quality is not selectable any more and fixed to “Standard” quality only. You can not choose “High” quality. So, to be able to choose “High” print quality, you need to either select pre-programmed paper size(not custom size) or regular quality paper not high quality photo/presentation paper. I don’t understand why they made it this way??? Or, is there a way to use both custom size and photo paper in high quality with WF 7110? Do you know?


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