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2019.09.28 05:54

T-shirt price

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There are many t-shirt wholesalers in Divisoria or in Baclraran market. But to me, their wholesale prices seem still too high for screen printers. The price ranges from 80 to 100 pesos for average local brand t shirts. That's about 2 US dollars. With this 2 USD, you can buy wholesale t-shirt there in the US.

It is either t shirts are too cheap in the US or they are too expensive here in the Philippines.

Other thing is the anyone here can buy at that wholesale price. Even students go there and buy t shirts for their class. This leaves no room for retailer to add margin. I hope wholesalers honor retailers or printers and not sell to individuals at wholesale price even if they want to buy in bulk. Or, they give business customers additional(real) wholesale price, I hope.


While t shirt prices are high the t shirt printing prices are very low here in the Philippines compared with the USA. Obviously this is due to the big difference of labor costs. I guess at least 10 times cheaper printing price here...

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Hello! I have been in t-shirt printing for about 7 years. T-shirt printing in the Philippines is a good business because people like to wear graphic shirts. But printing resources are limited and rather expensive. I hope this website can help members to stay more competitive.

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