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2019.09.28 05:17

100% cotton or blend

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In the Philippines, most of the t-shirt materials are blended cotton and polyester.
In many cases, the tags do not have information about the ratio of the blends.
My guess is about 50/50.

On the other hand, in the USA majority of the t-shirts are 100% cotton.

Why the difference?


Blends have almost no wrinkling/puckering - vinyl and heat transfer papers look better.
100% cotton can have crease lines more easily on the heat transfer images.
Water-based inks are not affected by cotton/polyester blends while plastisol inks will have color issues caused by dye migration from polyester(Majority printers in the Philippines use waterbased ink. In USA, plastisol ink is mostly used.)
100% cotton is cooler because it has better breathability.
Blends dries quicker than cotton which absorbs more water.
100% cotton give comfortable soft feel.
Generally, blends are cheaper than 100% cotton.

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Hello! I have been in t-shirt printing for about 7 years. But I am not an expert t-shirt printer. I just want to share my experience and to learn from other printers. T-shirt printing in the Philippines is a good business because people like to wear graphic shirts. But printing resources are limited and rather expensive. I hope this website can help members to stay more competitive.

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