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2019.10.03 16:11

Illustrator VS CorelDraw

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Presently Illustrator and CorelDraw serves as the two most sophisticated graphic design software widely used in the graphic design industry. Both Illustrator and CorelDraw are vector-based illustration software, developed to deliver fast results and to meet the demands of our graphic designing professionals and graphic artists and knowledge of both apps is must if you are looking for a career in graphic designing. Now let’s look at the major differences between the two graphic designing software.


Adobe Illustrator is owned and created by Adobe Systems in the year 1986, while CorelDraw is owned and created by Corel Corporations in the year 1987.

Adobe Illustrator is used as a vector graphics editor for drawing various types of things such as designing logos, drawing maps, illustrations, packaging design, etc. While CorelDraw is a drawing program from Corel, mainly used to create varied types of documents ranging from visiting cards to big hoardings.

In Illustrator, one can resize vector images without compromising the quality. The software is considered best for designing logos. CorelDraw is wide used to create & print industry standard graphics mainly employed for high quality printing.

Print preview in CorelDraw is not as good as Illustrator, Illustrator being a postscript file format, it renders more accurate print preview.


Having looked at the above differences we cannot say that Illustrator is better or CorelDraw. Both software incorporates unique features and its usage depends on entirely upon individual’s requirement. However, Illustrator is considered best for making illustrations, whereas CorelDraw is most appropriate for desktop publishing.

Although both software offer great level features and commands to create high level designs yet as per our experts features of CorelDraw can be friendly and cool for its users and features of Adobe Illustrator can be for its users. But if a person uses both then there are 99% chances to be more satisfied with Illustrator than CorelDraw due to its smooth working style and compatibility with today's most common design, motion graphics, and video editing applications.


According to a recent market survey by ADMEC Multimedia Institute, approximate 75% of the industry uses CorelDraw software because of its smooth learning curves. Furthermore, this statistics is reflecting that finding employment in CorelDraw is much easier than Illustrator.


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