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2019.09.28 06:21

Photoshop or Illustrator

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What do you prefer to use when making a design for your t-shirt? is it Photoshop or Illustrator?

I love using Photoshop since it was the first software that I learned when I was working as a Graphic artist of a small printing shop in my place. You can really do a lot of Photo manipulation and designs using Photoshop. However, when I found out that it really waste a lot of time and it doesn't produce a high quality vector image unlike Illustrator which can easily produce one since it is a Point based unlike Photoshop which is pixel based.

So, I prefer Illustrator when it comes in making t-shirt design. It is very handy, easy and fast. You don't need to worry in creating a layer and many more actions that you should be doing in Photoshop.


How about you?

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Hello! I have been in t-shirt printing for about 7 years. But I am not an expert t-shirt printer. I just want to share my experience and to learn from other printers. T-shirt printing in the Philippines is a good business because people like to wear graphic shirts. But printing resources are limited and rather expensive. I hope this website can help members to stay more competitive.

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    chard 2019.10.03 04:54
    sir,may free software po ba yun adobe illustrator?
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    Ace 2019.10.03 10:08
    There's a way para makuha ng free software sa adobe, visit there website, download the Adobe Creative Cloud‎‎
    and you can download all the software of adobe for 7 days free trial.

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